Marcus Bezuhly along with family and friends opened Edge Brewing Co. in the spring of 2014.  From the very start there was a strong emphasis on perfecting the craft of beer while also paying attention to the atmosphere and cuisine. Here at Edge we strive to listen and cultivate a relationship between our customers and staff in order to constantly innovate the pub experience. Our well trained chefs take pub grub to another level in the kitchen! We were featured on Man vs Food for our Over The Edge Burger and continue to provide consistently delicious craft food.  Our brewers are always working hard to provide a excellent selection of craft beers sure to please your palate. Beer staples as well as new and creative recipes are always flowing here at Edge. Cultivating a following over the last 5 years the pub continues to impress the locals and is a favorite destination for tourist. Craft pub grub, fantastic beers, and a lively atmosphere keep people coming back for more and telling there friends about the community friendly brew pub Edge Brewing Co. in Boise, ID.  



Marcus Bezuhly 


Tony Knipe

General Manager

Marcus Bezuhly has been a homebrewer for 18 years and a BJCP judge for 6.

In 2009 he and his wife Sherry opened HomeBrewStuff; since then they have grown to be one of the largest homebrew supply companies in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2014 he opened the doors to Edge.

Tony Knipe grew up in Polson, MT where he started his career in the food service industry, becoming a head chef before he even graduated from high school! An expert at all things inside and outside the kitchen, Tony has helped develop many restaurants  around the north west. As a homebrewer and appreciator of fine craft beers, the chance to develop his own menu and work at a brewpub drew Tony to Edge Brewing Company where he has worked as General Manager and Executive chef since the beginning.



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Bryan Garcia-Brown

Head Brewer

Paul Thomas

Brewery Operations Manager

Cody Connolly

Assistant Brewer

Paul grew up in Boise, and started his professional brewing career way back in 1990 at the Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado. His career has taken him to breweries in Montana, Oregon and finally back to Boise to work here at Edge. If he’s not at the brewery you can find him snowboarding at Bogus or with his family somewhere in the Idaho outdoors

Bryan graduated from Southern Utah University where his cheerleading skills took him all over the country. After years of cheerleading, and homebrewing, Bryan decided to take a shot at living his dream and took a job as Edge's Assistant Brewer.  After years of brewing wisdom and experience, he took the helm as Head Brewer.

Cody barely graduated from clown college in Eastern Michigan. Once he realized he was too big to fit in the tiny cars, he set his sights on his love of craft beer. After 3 years as a home brewer and 5 years as a RAM brewer, Cody brings fun, rock n roll, and his love for big beers to the Edge brew team. When he’s not brewing, he is heavily active in the regional metal music scene

Jeff Cochran

   Downtown Area Sales Rep 

Although Jeff has been with Edge for 3 years, he is the newest person on the sales team. He brings a fun and outgoing energy that shows through his customer service. During his free time he teaches music and performs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Nate Lawcynell

 Sales Director

Nate brought 20+ years of customer service to Edge in September 2019 working his way from cook to sous chef to beer sales. He takes pride in working with local businesses and offer them a great product. He loves to problem solve and come up with solutions that many consider unnatural.  

Bob Bezuhly

Out of State & Spirits Sales Manager

As a co-founder of Edge Brewing Co. Bob has been involved behind the scenes from the beginning of Edge over 7 years ago.  In addition he brings a lifetime of sales and manufacturing experience, with the last 25 of those years exclusively in the coffee industry.  Now Bob is dedicating his gift-of-gab to the Edge sales team.