Here at Edge Brewing Company, we strive to perfect the staples you love while also diving into the unknown with a wild abandon. We are a community of beer enthusiasts blending passion, knowledge and experience to bring an innovative and exciting range of beers to the Northwest and Beyond!

Year Round Beers

Pugzilla IPA 

A west coast IPA with citrus notes and a juicy mouth feel. Pugzilla will stomp into your heart basically destroying everything you thought IPA stood for with roaring with Chinook, Cascade and Mosaic Hops. This beast of an IPA will take entire cities by storm.  

Alc. 7% // IBUs 61
ON TAP / 12 oz. Cans

Meowthra IPA

Here to battle Pugzilla with its old school Pacific Northwest style IPA. Brewed with a bright dank bitterness with a lemongrass finish

 Alc. 7% // IBUs 75

ON TAP / 12oz Cans

Hopkiss Dry Hopped Pale


A citrusy ale with notes of grapefruit and hop character that leaves room for the Nelson, Citra, and Glacier hops to caressingly come through.  A nice prominent hop nose with a slightly dry finish.  This beer is perfect  for those who love a hoppy nose of an IPA, but not the bitter finish, and want to enjoy one after another.


Alc. 5.4% // IBUs 20

Thrillz 4 The Pilz

A traditional Czech Pilsner pours as a pale yellow color brewed with medium body Czech hops, malt and Pilsner yeast. A nice toasted biscuit aroma with a crisp finish.  


Alc. 5.1% // IBUs 31

Obligatory DIPA


This double IPA has always been a customer favorite! A flavor profile like a lemon that was shot out of a bazooka. Flying swiftly through the air, at God knows what velocity, the lemon smashes into a pinecone. Then just when you think how could this possibly get any better.  The lemon and pinecone fall into a five gallon bucket of barely and booze.   This beer absolutely crushes while still maintaining the balance Edge is known for.  


Alc. 9.2% // IBUs 88
ON TAP / 12 oz. Cans & 22 oz Bottles

Edge Amber

A bold American style amber. Nutty malt flavor with earthy Colombus, Palisade and Mt. Hood hops. Perfect balance of sweet and smooth with a dash of bitterness.  A true crowd pleaser and perfect for your next family gathering.  


Alc. 5.7% // IBUs 34
ON TAP / 22 oz. Bottles

Rye Faced Porter

A rye style porter with subtle rye spices followed by a bittersweet chocolate that swings you into a earthy balance of dark malts.  Lighter bodied for easy drinking and full enjoyment. 


Alc. 5.1% // IBUs 31
ON TAP / 22 oz. Bottles 

Black Water Imp Stout


(Try and read this in your best southern accent.)

The Mississippi River don't have nothing on this Russian Imperial Stout.  Grab your canoe and high waders and dig into this delta bomber of a beer.  A bold, dank, and chunky mouth feel that launches you into a waterfall of roasty malts balanced by bold in your face hops.  Be careful this is a strong beer.  Don't end up with a black eye from drinking black water!  


Alc. 11% // IBUs 78
ON TAP / 22 oz. Bottles

Huckleberry Cider


I'll be your huckleberry any day good lookin!  A berry found right here in the state of ID.  The Huckleberry runs free across the steep slopes of the Sawtooth Mountains, bounds wildly through the deep canyons of the Salmon river, and boldly launches itself across the Boise National Forest.  Here at Edge we like our huckleberries In a pint glass accompanied by Washington apples and good times! 


Alc. 6% // IBUs 0
ON TAP/ 12oz cans 

Seasonal Brews

SPRINGSHINE: India Pale Lager 


Kick Spring off the Imperial Way, with this super sized Czech Pilsner!  Rich and crisp malt flavor,  and a Super Clean finish. Who cares if it's 9%, it is delicious and will have you wanting to go back in the past to have it again!


Alc. 9.1% // IBUs 40
ON TAP  / 12 oz. Cans 

March Release

Hipster Dufus 2020


 The Hipster Dufus kettle sour comes in many forms but all of them are very cynical and weirdly dressed. Currently we have the Passion fruit, orange and guava sour. Hurry and try some, because this flavor is cut short thanks to COVID.  


Alc. 4.1% // IBUs 4
ON TAP  / 12 oz. Cans 

June Release



This true German Barvarian lager is brewed with German malts, hops and yeast in Spring for a full summer of lagering.  This classic we hold true to the traditional techniques and styles, and we know you'll appreciate it when the leaves change.


Alc. 6.5% // IBUs 23
ON TAP  / 12 oz. Cans 

September Release

WATCHTOWER: Chili Cocoa Stout


Stand atop the Watchtower with this spicy and sweet Mexican Stout as it waves flags of dried habaneros, smoked chipotles, Peruvian Aji's and cocoa nibs to offer a heavy body, notes of chocolate, citrus, berry, wood and vanilia. This taste of immigration dream reminds us of the freedom to drink a flavor of creative warmth during with snowy white cold of winter.


Alc. 8.1% // IBUs 18
ON TAP  / 12 oz. Cans 

December Release

B-Side Bombers.JPG

Our B-Side Bomber series is a mythological series of beers of unimaginable taste and epic gravity that with rival any ancient legend or spiritual belief.  We mix and vary these titans each year to awaken the mind and stupefy the body.  Enjoy and beware these liquid beasts that will tempt your palate, your psyche, and your purpose in this mortal realm.

Quadicorn Belgian Quadruple (2020)

This Belgian Quadruple carries the mystical flavors of  caramel, dark sugar with a malty sweetness, as it swam smoothly into Bardenay Rum Barrels. Smooth enough to caress you through your hangover yet bold enough to spark your brain into actually accomplishing something.  Pick up a globe and see for yourself.  Best when paired with awesomeness. 


Alc. 5.5% // IBUs 40
December / On Tap / 22 oz Bottle

Chimera Triple IPA

This imperial IPA will be the first of it's kind for the B-Side Bomber series.  Like the three heads of the Chimera, it will pack a dangerous hop bite, though be as tasty and serene as a mythological dream.  Pick up a globe and see for yourself.  Best when paired with awesomeness. 


Alc. 11.5% // IBUs 90
February  /  On Tap 22 / oz Bottle

Sun Wukong Badunkamonk

A belgian style triple or belgian strong ale. This banana entrenched ten percenter will have you wondering just how babies are made.  Banana esters and clove spice excite your mouth like a late night skinny dip.  While noble hops catch a ride on the Badunkadrunk wave. Launch off the high dive and find true balance amd complex serenity.  


Alc. 10% // IBUs 21
September / On Tap / 22 oz Bottle

Dr. Oppelbock Doppelbock

This big, strong Bebop beast of the traditional German style offers all the malty sweetness, weighty body and hop bitterness of a Doppelbock, the the mutant strength of Bebop coming in at a unrecognizable 12% abv.  Don't fear the sulty smooth German lager, though, just enjoy its perfection.


Alc. 12% // IBUs 35
December / On tap / 22 oz bottle

Specialty/Limited Release

With a handful of 7 bbl fermentors, Bryan and David are able to brew an array of small batch beers from Jalapeno Cream ale to Helles to Belgian Wit and Coffee Stouts. This list will change, so stay tuned for the endless creativity.  


Black is Beautiful
Oatmeal Stout brewed with cocoa beans and vanilla beans.
100% of proceeds go to local Boise 
no-profit Culture for Change Foundation
Imperial Red Ale


Big  gravity, bright clean red hue, light caramel body and a crisp and hoppy finish.

Rotating Hazy IPA Series


New England Hazy IPA with Vermont Yeast, juicy mouth feel with flavors of pineapple with mild dry finish.

Odelay Mexican Lager


A German Helles lager that will make the strongest man feel at home.  Toasty and very easy drinking this beer will help you well through the afternoon and into the evening.