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EDGE Brewing Company recently partnered with Boise craft beer pioneer Bittercreek Ale House to brew a beer to celebrate its 20 Year Anniversary. The beer, an English Style pale ale called Denali Dave’s Pale Ale, will be available at Bittercreek Ale House in downtown Boise and at Edge’s west Boise pub.

The name, Denali Dave, was created by four employees handpicked by Bittercreek’s managerial team to meet with Edge head brewer Kerry Thomas and dream up a beer that Bittercreek will keep on tap for the duration of its birthday celebration. Denali Dave refers to Bittercreek Ale House owner David Krick and makes reference to the GMC Denali he used to drive around his Eighth Avenue building.

The beer, which comes in at around 6% alcohol and 56 IBU, was brewed with ultra-premium malts from Great Western Malting of Pocatello and Best Malz of Germany. Mosaic and Jarrylo hops make up the bulk of the hop bill to give the beer subtle hints of white wine, grapefruit and orange zest. Summer hops were added in the dry hop to give the beer a rich, melon-like aroma that does not overwhelm the toasty malt balance.

Denali Dave Pale Ale will be available this week at Bittercreek Ale House and Edge Brewing Company until the beer is gone.